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We offer free online Resiliency and Wellness Webinars via Zoom.
In this webinar series, we will provide you with practical support,
tools, and resources for addressing common challenges and
for taking good care of yourself in the process.

Who is eligible to attend

All active, retired or former Firefighters, EMS Providers, and Dispatchers are invited to attend.

How to register for an event

Registration is easy and required for all NJ Fire & EMS Lifeline events. Please click on the “Register Now” button below to save your spot in any one of our upcoming webinars.

Upcoming Events

Self-Regulation PTSD and Post Traumatic Growth for Fire/EMS
DATE: 3/30/22   |   TIME: 12-1 PM ET

Mental Agility – Traits for Resilience for Fire/EMS
DATE: 4/27/22   |   TIME: 12-1 PM ET

Strength of Character; Living Your Values with Intention for Fire/EMS
5/25/22   |   TIME: 12-1 PM ET

Optimism, Hope and Unity Among Fire/EMS
6/29/22   |   TIME: 12-1 PM ET

Connectedness; Peer Support Grief Resolution and Rising
7/27/22   |   TIME: 12-1 PM ET

Past Events

Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, & Mental Agility: Rescuers Resilient and Regulated in 2023

Self-Awareness; Emotional Intelligence and Uncommon Courage in Firefighter/EMS Professionals

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We understand the stress and challenges of this profession and are here to help. If you find yourself struggling, we can be your lifeline.

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